Web Consulting - The Process
Creating a website requires expertise in a variety of disciplines including research, project management, creative design, technical development, copywriting and search engine optimization. We do it all, so you donít have to worry about outsourcing to multiple vendors.

We are fast, efficient and affordable, and we guarantee that our finished product will be consistent with your business objectives, marketing goals, budget and creative vision.

Simple step-by-step process

1. Let’s meet to talk about your needs

For the initial complimentary consultation, we come to your office, home, or the corner Starbucks to meet with you personally to discuss your website needs and aspirations. Our helpful questions will easily guide you through the process and allow us to achieve a clear understanding of your objectives and requirements, so we can prepare an accurate project quote for you.

2. Put it in writing

Our written project quote is guaranteed. We stand by it. To make things perfectly clear, we provide you with a detailed explanation of the project deliverables. We also provide you with a schedule that determines the timing of the deliverables. If we require additional information following the initial consultation, we will call or e-mail you. After we provide you with the quote, we will meet with you again to answer any questions you may have. Once the quote is approved, we invoice you 25% of the total quote, and we prepare to start the project.

3. Getting Engaged

Once we agree on the project quote and deliverables, and we both sign off, we also ask you to sign a simple letter of engagement that clearly sets out the terms and conditions of our respective responsibilities. As the client, it is your responsibility to provide information, photographs and logos promptly if we are to adhere to the schedule. As the vendor, we are committed to delivering on the dates we promise. At this point, the work begins.

4. Smart Design

The creative process of designing pages that are delivered to end-users through the World Wide Web requires determining the colour palette and images that comprise the aesthetic layout, as well as the structure and mechanical functionality. Technologies employed may include HTML, Flash, Cascading Style Sheets, Java Script, Ajax and more, using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Photoshop. By understanding your objectives, we ensure that your website enhances your brand.

All websites we develop are W3C tested and compliant.

5. The power of great copywriting

It’s your choice: you may provide us with your own web copy that has been reviewed and approved or ask us to edit your rough copy and recommend necessary grammar and spelling revisions. You may also retain the expertise of our web copywriter to write your web copy to ensure that your key messages are delivered with clarity and impact.

6. Design Review and Approval

After we present the preliminary design concept, you will have the opportunity to review and discuss any revisions you may want. Our relationship with our clients is a working partnership and we value your input. We want to know what you would like modified and what you love. We will make the necessary revisions and present the design for final approval. After you sign off, we request the next installment of 25% of the total quote – bringing you to 50% paid. The remaining balance is paid after all of the pages on your website are approved and your website goes live.

7. Production and Approval

After the final design is approved, our programmers start building the back end of your website – the behind-the-scenes technical elements that enable your website to function. Once your website is produced and ready to go live, you might want to make some minor, last minute revisions – like changing a picture or rewording a sentence. When you are totally satisfied, launching your website is only one step away.

8. Quality Assurance Testing

Prior to going live, we conduct a comprehensive quality assurance test of your website. This ensures that there are no browser or operating system issues, or dead links, and verifies that all forms and functions are working they way they should. Once our quality assurance team is satisfied, we go live.

9. Going Live

Now we move your website from our testing servers to the live server, and it makes its debut to the world.

Web Consulting The Process