Site Apps: Site Management System

Here at Palco, our job is to make your life easier. We are constantly striving to make your website experience more streamlined, seamless, and enjoyable. Site Apps are modules for your web site that we have created. Each module makes managing aspects of your site simpler. All modules are managed by our central Site Apps Control Panel.

Our Site Apps Control Panel is designed for the non-technical user. Unlike many other online systems, Site Apps does not overcomplicate the process of building and maintaining aspects of your website. We have made site management simple, yet powerful.

NewsFeed Module:

The NewsFeed allows you to easily create new articles or announcements that will appear on your website. The NewsFeed is built into your website and matches your website's branding.

NewsFeed Module:

Increase customer service by having your customers' most frequently asked questions available to them 24/7.

This module allows you to add, edit and remove questions and answers from your site. You will also be able to turn on or off a FAQ legend to allow your visitors to jump to a specific question or just view them all at once.

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